Below is a list of helpful resources for housing cooperatives and their professional members. If you would like to be listed as a helpful resource, please contact us at
Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak Housing Cooperative Law
A significant part of this firm’s work involves representing cooperative boards in all areas of the law that affect them. On their website, you will find that Pentiuk, Couvreur & Kobiljak has over a century of combined experience in addressing the legal needs of housing cooperatives and their boards, in multiple jurisdictions. 
The National Association of Housing Cooperatives
The National Association of Housing Cooperatives is the leading national organization of housing cooperatives, providing education and advocacy for the cooperative movement. An annual conference is held in various locations, providing training for board members and cooperative professionals. It also publishes the “cooperative Housing Bulletin” consisting of timely and valuable articles of interest to the cooperative community. 
Cooperative Housing Association of New England (CHANE)
CHANE has a mission – to “represent, inform, serve and inspire” housing cooperatives – in New England. There are more than 200 housing cooperatives in New England, ranging in size from less than ten families to nearly 1,000. Most of them are in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Some are “limited equity co-ops” serving low to moderate income families. Others are or have become “market rate”, serving families with incomes ranging from moderate to high.
Potomac Association of Housing Cooperatives (PAHC)
If the success of any organization is measured by its accomplishments, the PAHC can truly be considered successful! The organization has sponsored three Baltimore City housing cooperatives, and representatives of PAHC served on each interim Board of Directors. They, along with other PAHC representatives provided new member orientation and extensive leadership training to each respective cooperative community.
Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums (CNYC)
The 11-member Executive Board works to set policy and goals for CNYC and work for cooperatives and condominiums on a wide variety of issues. Members serve staggered two-year terms, with elections held each year at the CNYC Annual Meeting.
The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives
The Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives is a regional cooperative organization serving housing cooperatives in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and elsewhere in the nation. It presents an annual training conference as well as state-by-state training opportunities for directors and professionals. MAHC has developed “Certified Cooperative Directors” and “Certified Cooperative Managers” programs and holds special training classes and continuing education for the participants. It publishes the “MAHC Messenger” for its members to help keep abreast of development and news in the housing cooperative community. Mr. Pentiuk serves on the MAHC Board and is the MAHC Messenger Editor. He also serves as its Michigan Vice President.