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Fall is here! Remember to abide by your Cooperative’s House Rules and Regulations.

As Fall is now upon us, Board of Directors may be scheduling their fall inspections of the cooperative premises and dwelling units to ensure that all members are in compliance with their House Rules and Regulations. As more of us are spending more time at home these days, you may have purchased a few new items to store outside for your own personal use, such as a patio set, canopy, grill, wading pool, etc. Each cooperative has its own unique House Rules and Regulations for not only what is permitted or prohibited but how such items can be used and stored.


Outdoor Fire Pits/Fireplaces, Heaters, Gazebos, Canopies, and Tents, Oh My! What is a Board of Directors to do?

As we enter into the holiday season and the fall/winter surge of COVID-19 cases, we have been coming up with alternative ways to see our friends, family and neighbors. Some suggested ways to get together have included holding small gatherings outside while practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Some of us may even be planning for holiday dinners to be held outside this year with our friends, families and neighbors.


Outdoor Security Cameras

The installation of security cameras is widely considered amongst cooperatives mainly for the security and surveillance of its parking lots. The installation of security cameras has its benefits as well as its detriments, but it does not come without issues for multifamily housing properties. There are legal ramifications that are associated with the installation of outdoor security cameras on cooperative premises.


What a Board of Directors Needs to Know about Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are becoming a popular way to collect and store rainwater for lawn and garden watering. However, such installation and use of rain barrels does not come without issues for cooperatives. A cooperative Board of Directors must consider the following prior to permitting the installation of rain barrels on cooperative property:


Installation of Awnings

With the warmer weather upon us, some cooperatives may consider permitting its members to install awnings on their back patios. Cooperative boards must be mindful that the installation of awnings does come with drawbacks that must be resolved prior any member installing an awning. If a board was desirous to permit its members to install awnings, then the board should contact its cooperative attorney to draft an awning installation policy as well as an installation/alteration form to help mitigate the drawbacks.